Tuesday Morning Randomness: 42 Terrific Randoms to Get You Started

It's only Tuesday, but if you're like me then your body feels like it's 4:30 pm on a Thursday. Fortunately, we've put together 42 terrific randoms to help you push past your lethargic feelings, and accomplish everything you want to do this week.

Over the weekend, much to the disappointment of most football fans, we found out that the Super Bowl will feature a 2020 rematch, with the San Fransisco 49ers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. But while average football fans are upset that the Lions' historic run is over, and that they'll have to watch Patrick Mahomes in his fourth Super Bowl in five years, the NFL is thrilled that they'll be able to talk even more than they already do about Taylor Swift. And although she has a concert in Tokyo the night before, thanks to a 17-hour time difference, science says an extremely jet-lagged Taylor can still mathematically make it to the big game with a few hours to spare. It's so painfully convenient that your crazy uncle thinks it's a government psyop. Colin Kaepernick's name even trended on Twitter alongside hers, with the football crazies theorizing she would sing the national anthem on one knee with him. Now wouldn't that be something? 

But that's not going to happen, so instead of getting your knickers all up in a twist, why don't you just enjoy these 42 terrific randoms instead?

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