Tuesday Morning Randomness: 43 Fun Randoms to Help Plug Back In

Just because the new week isn't well and truly underway, doesn't mean you shouldn't get to have some fun with it. This collection of fun pics, memes, and tweets is the perfect chance for you to give yourself a break before really plugging yourself back into your life and responsibilities. 

One person who wasn't plugged in this past weekend was Pedro Pascal, who gave quite the acceptance speech after winning Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards. During the speech, he admitted that he was a little drunk, and hadn't expected to win the award. After stumbling, he screamed, "Thank you so much!" The Last of Us star is already liked for his relatable demeanor, and this speech did absolutely nothing to change that. 

One movie that is less likely to win an award this year is Dune 2, which was released on Sunday. It's hard to believe that the viral popcorn bucket came so far in advance of the movie's actual premiere, but for those weirdos who bought it, the viewing experience was surely one to remember. See tweets about that and much more in this edition of Tuesday Morning Randomness. 

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