Tuesday Morning Randomness: 45 Fun Randoms to Get Your Fix

The new work week is well and truly underway, whether you'd like to admit it to yourself or not. The best way to cope with that impending sadness is by taking a look through this fun grouping of random pics, memes, and tweets

Yesterday was April Fool's Day, and possibly the biggest trick of all, we still had to come to work. It's a day where everything you see online is even less trustworthy than normal, and that includes the usual media you consume for comfort. When every single page is putting out a "Top 10 Pranks to Pull for April Fools," you want to click on each of them even less than the last. One meme here references the copy-paste nature such posts seem to have. 

In addition to April 1st being the national day of pranks, it also marks three full months having passed since the start of 2024. I'm still accidentally writing 2023 on things regularly, as I'm sure you are too, and we're officially a quarter of the way into the year. If aging happens as fast as these last three months, then I need to pick up the pace on my bucket list. 

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