Wayback Whensday: 19 Nostalgic Memes For While You're Trapped in Your Childhood Home

As we all head back to our hometowns and sleep in our childhood bedrooms again for the holidays, we've compiled a round-up of some of the funniest nostalgic memes for when you are going down memory lane.

Last week, many on the internet reminded Dylan and Cole Sprouse that their Italian dinner reservation was ready, referencing an episode from The Suite Life on Deck. The 15-year-old joke plagued the child stars as they were bombarded with messages that their table was ready. Funny enough, the actress who played the Chef in the episode made a TikTok to deliver the fanservice millennials and Gen Z desperately wanted.

Aside from the aged TV and movies (I refused to believe that the live-action Cat in The Hat is 20 years old), there are memes taking us all the way back to the elementary school gym, the middle school lunchroom with the cheesy sticks, and the high school computer lab.

Get out the perennially Power Rangers sheets and ride the wave of nostalgia.

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