Wayback Whensday: 20 People Who are 'Old School Cool'

As we go home for the holidays I recommend a great activity for you all to pass the time with family. Crack open the old family albums and scrapbooks and find the hardest photos of your parents and grandparents. Not only is it a great walk down memory lane but it gives you sufficient ammo for when your grandma tries to judge you in the future. Oh, Grandpa doesn’t like your going out pictures on Instagram? Remind him that there is a Polaroid of him and his high school buddies sloshed by a creek.

Over on Reddit, there's a page called r/OldSchoolCool for people to share vintage pictures of not only celebrities but of their elders. For some, it's a way to show off how badass their great aunt or parent was. For others, it’s a way to flex how hot their mom or dad was as a young adult. Though is the flexing all that great when the comments get a little too thirsty at that picture of Granny in a bikini in 1962? Be careful what you wish for.

Down below we have gathered some of the most hardest and badass entries over on r/OldSchoolCool. These current octogenarians are much cooler than you’ll ever be. 

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