Wayback Whensday: 18 Pics That Are A Blast From the Past

I must interrupt your scroll from funny memes and insane videos to grab you by the neck and make you remember the time that Nintendo threw a PR party for the GameCube and the world was given this photo of Jason Alexander next to a GameCube arcade machine.

This does not affect your day whatsoever. But your soul needs to remember the time people in Las Vegas were betting on an episode of The Simpsons. Your soul needs to remember the time you flipped through a CD case and made a weapon out of a candy cane. Even if some of these examples are before your time, the caffeine episode of Saved By The Bell is a prominent pillar in media literacy that all young people must have knowledge of.

Scroll down and strengthen your media literacy so we can have fewer people complaining about it online. Also maybe bug video game companies to have insanely attended PR parties again. I need to see Jesse Plemons awkwardly posing with GTA VI.

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