Wayback Whensday: 20 Nostalgic Pics For Zoomers to Realize They’re Old Too

Happy Wayback Whensday to all, but especially those born in the late 90s and early 2000s (or Zoomers).

This Wayback Whensday is dedicated to making you feel as old as possible. Does the fact that Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball is a decade old make your blood turn cold? Or how about the fact that Gen Alpha memes make no sense to you? What on God’s green earth is a Skibidi Toilet and why does the thought of it make my knees hurt?

Face it, kid your old news but to numb the pain of you’re accelerated aging; we've compiled a special nostalgia gallery for you to remember the good old days. Remember getting body-shamed by the Wii Fit? Or did you lose sleep because you watched a marathon of Mr. Meaty on TV (those puppets were unhinged)? Or maybe like me, you spent many years attempting to free Pikachu from the Pokemon bouncy ball.

However you spent your time back then, there is something on this list for you to marvel at before making an appointment with your physical therapist for early joint pain. (Can Guitar Hero give arthritis?)

Scroll down Zoomers, this trip down pop culture memory lane is just for you.

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