Wayback Whensday: 20 Reminders From the '80s to Make You Feel Ancient

Hello, oldheads! This Wayback Whensday is focusing on the wildest decade to grow up in—the 1980s. So all of you Gen X and Old Millenials have a dedicated roundup of the products and media that made the 80s the most insane decade ever.

On your ride down memory lane you’ll see relics from the past like 411 Assistance, the fancy car phones that were the biggest indicator of the class divide, and the He-Man character, Fisto (and his unfortunate lines in the comics). If that is not enough to smack you in the face of pure 80s-ness, then gaze upon the photo of Mr. T dressed as Santa, giving First Lady, Nancy Reagan a Mr. T doll. That sentence could only be uttered in the 80s. Remember the time when they gave children candy cigarettes, watched them get dysentery in Oregan Trail, and introduced the whole world to the elixir of the god, Cherry Coke.

Scroll down and crave an Orange Julius from the mall. 

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