Wayback Whensday: 20 Things From the '90s We Thought Were Lost Forever

As we get older we start to think “Did that actually happen or was that just a weird fever dream I had?” And for '90s kids there was a lot of odd stuff going on in that decade that has been lost to the social consciousness…until now. For this Wayback Whensday we are going to get into the recesses of your memory and reassure you that you aren’t crazy, Little Caesars tasted better when it was only in Kmarts.  

We have tons of lost or forgotten ‘90s memories like the old Nerf bullets that hurt so much, the plastic bread bags that you would put over your boots when it snowed, and the Best Buy reminder to turn off your computer before the new millennium. Y2K panic was as dramatic as you remember. Don’t forget that scene in the Rugrats movie where Tommy tries to sacrifice his newborn brother Dill to a pack of monkeys. Also, the old drug PSA posters which listed the terrible repercussions of taking magic mushrooms. 

Scroll and learn that it is not just you who remembers the hamburger and hot dog Lunchables and the Chicken Tonight commercial.

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