Wednesday Morning Randomness: 39 Fresh Pics, Memes, and Tweets For You to Enjoy

It's the middle of the week, but you don't have to let that get you down. Instead, you can check out these fun and rambunctious pics memes and tweets

A few days ago, we got the sad news that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was discovered during a regular checkup for his enlarged prostate, but is said to be unrelated. Although the public does not know the nature of the cancer at this time, it seems as if it is beatable, and Charles will start treatment soon if he hasn't already. The 75-year-old only took over as king from his mother last year, which is just one bit of evidence that his genes are set up to help him live a long time. Still, people couldn't help but make a few memes implying the irony that Charles wouldn't be able to fully enjoy the throne he waited so long to sit on. 

Switching from British to music royalty, the Grammys were last weekend, and featured this now viral photo of "Record of the Year" winner Miley Cyrus. The striking visual sparked reactions all over the spectrum from body positivity discourse, to good old fashioned thirst. Check it out along with a bunch of other fun randoms this Wednesday.

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