Wednesday Morning Randomness: 47 Awesome Pics and Memes to Make Your Day

Welcome back to the work week after your single-day holiday! Here, have some fun and random pics memes, and tweets to get you started. 

If you follow politics, you'll know that the Iowa republican primaries were last night, and as expected, former President Donald Trump found himself in front with 51% of the vote. But most people were more interested in the order behind him, and as usual, outlets chose some odd phrasing in their reporting. Covering an early poll, The Washington Post ran with "Nikki Haley tops Ron DeSantis for the first time," a headline which almost rivals 2012's "Rick comes from behind in Alabama three-way." Ultimately, this year's results wound up being, as aptly described by CNN, "Trump wins, DeSantis edges Haley for second place."

The Emmys were also last weekend, but unlike the Golden Globes, they found themselves devoid of any worthy memeable moments. Once again Better Call Saul found itself with another Emmy nomination, bringing the series up to a whopping total of 53 nominations and zero victories. Still, that only adds to the show's appeal, no? Check out some tweets on those, as well as 45 other awesome pics and memes in this fun gallery.

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