Wednesday Morning Randomness: 45 Fun Randoms to Help Fold Your Laundry

It's hump day, which means whatever tasks your boss has assigned you for this week are really ramping up the intensity. That, and your laundry is piling up, your cat vomited on the rug, and your dad thinks he's having a heart attack for the fifth week in a row. All you need is a quick break to help put that stuff off even more, and we've assembled the pics, memes, and tweets to help you do it

Do you remember when an out-of-control cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Memorial bridge in Baltimore, destroying it and killing construction workers? It might have been March's biggest news, but did you know that the boat is still there? You might think that they would have cleared it by now, but that's not true. Instead, they just set off charges today to try and destroy what's left of the bridge and dislodge the boat. What have they been doing this whole time?

Check out a photo of that and more in this collection of hump day randoms. 

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