20 of the Best Wholesome Memes of This Week October 21, 2023

Ever wanted to send memes over to your older loved ones or co-workers but your current dank meme folder is full of jokes that could get you on the no-fly list and banned for life at several fast food places? Well here’s where we at eBaum's World come in. We know your rotted little brain needs to keep up the “upstanding citizen” ruse and supply memes for the whole family to enjoy.

Well, lucky for you the whole internet isn’t just a vortex of darkness. We also have people who love puns a little too much. These memes speak to all of us on a base level even more than the dark memes. We all want to give pets a little kiss and pat on the head at all times even when they turn our homes into their personal playpen. You may be a grown adult but your tummy does hurt from time to time and you are allowed to refer to it as a “tummyache.”

Arm yourself with these wholesome memes and start feeling like the lovely human you probably aren’t. 

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