Monday Work Memes: 19 Fresh Memes to Help You On Your Grind

It’s Monday again and sadly we are all back to our places of work after the holiday weekend. Whether you're on your long commute to the office, rolling over to your morning Zoom meeting, or recovering from the pandemonium that is Black Friday, you’re gonna need some memes to make you feel better. So take a long lunch break or hide in the walk-in freezer and get into some work memes.

Coming back to work after a holiday comes with a myriad of challenges. Workers are coming back to overfilled email inboxes or messy stock rooms. There are no true breaks in this world. Also, many fields get a boost after Thanksgiving. Dentists are taking out college kids’ wisdom teeth for hours straight since their mothers scheduled their appointments for when they got home. Plumbers are stuck with so many calls for clogged after-dinner toilets. Funnily enough, a divorce lawyer who usually has a great break before Thanksgiving, had a client consultation. 

So godspeed to all our workers heating up their Thanksgiving leftovers in the break room for the next week. After spending a couple of days with your annoying family, you get to go to work and spend time with your other annoying “family”. 

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