Worker Gets Fired for Confronting Their Boss' Wage Theft

When one employee had suspicions that he was being short-changed for the hours he'd worked, he decided to do some investigating. Unfortunately for him, he found exactly what he was looking for, and got fired  as a result. 

"Former employer didn't give us access to our time sheets. We would have to text and request our operations manager to send us our hours," u/alexglass69 posted on the r/antiwork subreddit. "I caught them with text messages, when I confronted them, I got fired."

Alex began the interaction with his boss as usual by texting about his worked hours, but quickly realized they weren't on the same page. "What? We don't get double time for anymore?" It turned out that his claimed hours were not the same as the operation manager's stated hours. But when Alex asked for an investigation into that discrepancy, his boss quickly hit him with a rollercoaster of emotions. 

"I will investigate this and make sure you are not being shorted," they wrote. "Also we are taking a different direction and removing you from our roster." Retaliatory firing is quite illegal, and these text messages paint a glaring picture. Let's hope Alex gets the money he deserves both from his paycheck, and the courts. 

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