23 of the Worst and Most Insane Entries on Conservapedia

I’m sorry to report to you that yes, Conservapedia, the Wikipedia for conservatives exists. Known anti-feminist conservative figure, Phyllis Schlafly’s son, Andrew decided to create the site after feeling Wikipedia had too much of a liberal bias in 2006. So to remedy one bias, Schlafly decided to create a website with his own bias.

In a recent TikTok, @katmabu lists some of her favorite entries like Conservapedia's obsession with constantly calling Barack Obama by his full name, calling shaken baby syndrome a government conspiracy, and using a page called “Ronald Reagan High School” to rant about there not being enough high schools named after the former President.

What you’ve found below is a small tasting (an amuse-bouche, if you will) of the insane language and syntax that Conservapedia uses to call certain things liberal or conservative. There is a large list of the worst liberal movies ranging from highly dishonorable to debatably liberal/bordering on centrist. And then there’s a glowing list of best conservative songs, including known LGBTQ artist icon Charli XCX and her song “Vroom Vroom” which was produced by a transwoman. But who cares, the lyrics obviously state positive views toward the automotive industry. Also listed, is more confusion on if “Born in the U.S.” by Bruce Springsteen is conservative or not (they’ll never get it).

Fun Tip: the best way to read these entries is to imagine Fraiser from Fraiser narrating it. 

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