17 Examples of Oppsgiving, A Friendsgiving of Foes

Friendsgiving is a great option for young people who may be disconnected from their families to come together and promote community with each other. But one user on Twitter decided that they’ve had enough of Friendsgiving is all about love and laughter, we need a Friendsgiving with your enemies — Oppsgiving.

The original tweet went viral with other Twitter users giving examples of Opps-givings from movies and TV. Possibly the most Opps-giving movie is The Menu which came out last year, where a chef devises a 5-course meal in order to ruin the lives of rich people. There is also an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang invites all their enemies to Friendsgiving in order to squash the beef (hilarity ensues). But we can’t talk about dramatic Thanksgivings in history without referencing two dinners, the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving dinner where the entire cast theatrically left dinner to the tune of Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” and the Last Supper. Jesus had opps at the table.

Alongside the movie and TV comparisons, there are also real tips for what you should prepare at your own Oppsgiving. Cause turpentine never hurt anyone. Scroll down and experience the first Oppsgiving (which is ironically exactly like the first Thanksgiving). 

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