21 Lawyers Share the Wildest Loophole They've Ever Seen Exploited

Sometimes you don't need to be innocent, you just need a good lawyer. And sometimes you don't even need a good lawyer, just a convenient loophole. Laws are written so that people can't take advantage of them, but every now and then a smart Aleck comes along and pokes a hole in seemingly air-tight legislation. From the mouths of lawyers themselves, here are some of the wildest times someone got off on a loophole or technicality. 

Using a loaded firearm was a common charge on this thread, and it's scary that something seemingly so black and white has so many grey areas. One man who was charged with carrying a loaded gun under the influence was let off by the simple fact that the gun would not shoot. Not because the gun was broken, but because the dumb man himself had put the wrong bullets in it. The forensics team couldn't get it to shoot no matter how hard they tried, and the charges had to be changed. 

A different man couldn't be charged for shooting his gun on the street, seeing as he shot at an animal across the street. Since guns can shoot farther than a street is wide, that seems like a loophole that should get closed ASAP. 

Read about those and other wild legal loopholes that allowed people to escape the consequences of the law. 

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