'You Can't Park There': 24 Cars In Places They're Not Supposed to Be

Most cars are built for the road, the garage, and the parking lot. Other special ones are built for rugged terrain or the race track. No cars are built for trees, the sides of houses or the insides of department stores, yet that's where three cars in this collection found themselves. 

The thing is, cars have wheels, and they're operated by people, and those two facts combined with each other mean that idiots around the world routinely drive their cars into places they're not supposed to be. 

For example, in California, you can drive your car through the inside of a massive Redwood tree. That sounds neat, and it is, just not when you're driving a sizable three-row family SUV. One man who decided to take his Nissan Armada through a tree found that even the biggest trees in the world weren't big enough for his oversized vehicle. He was quickly made fun of around the internet for putting his car quite literally where it doesn't belong in nature. 

See a photo of that car and 25 other even crazier stuck four-wheelers. 

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