36 Memes, Pics, and Tweets to Keep You Warm This Winter

It's getting colder out there, but you can use these random images to keep you warm until your paycheck hits, and you can afford a new jacket. 

I don't know about you, but this week was the first time in six months I left my house and was hit by the kiss of iciness. Sure I've put on a few sweaters here and there, strapped on my boots, and pulled on my heavier jeans, but that's been enough... until now. I'm sure like many of you, it's time for a new winter jacket too, the old one struggling through year after year, wondering when it's finally going to get put it out of its misery and replaced by a $350 Patagonia that might only last two winters. If you're like me you've put purchasing a new coat off as long as you could, but this brisk air is the reminder; you need a new one. 

But until your next paycheck hits you're broke out of luck on that front. Fortunately, you can look at these funny memes tweets, and pics to warm you up. Well, not really, but spiritually. And if your heart is warm, you can push through and buy that coat. Or wait till next winter, again.

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