33 Pics, Memes, and Tweets to Help Your Seasonal Sadness

Once Halloween hits, the seasonal sadness really starts to settle in. Here are some random photos and memes to help you through it. 

This year, new adults around the country were shocked to discover that kids just don't trick-or-treat like they used to. And while hundreds of neighborhoods saw thousands of children storm the streets for their annual cosplaying candy-gathering holiday, many first-year homeowners realized that they were in the wrong spot to finally be on the giving end of Halloween. 

This revelation led to dozens of social media posts from young adults lamenting missing out on something they'd been looking forward to for a long time. Some showed the hundreds of dollars of candy they'd purchased, while others expressed their enthusiasm to greet kids at the door. Unfortunately, they're going to be eating that candy themselves. 

Combine a failed Halloween with ever-shortening daylight, and you have grounds for some serious seasonal sadness. It's a whole month until Thanksgiving, and a whole other until the real holiday season. Fortunately, we've gathered some pics and memes to remind you that everything will be okay. Will they solve your seasonal sadness? Probably not, but they might help you forget about it for a while. 

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