44 Standard But Sufficient Pics, Tweets, and Memes

There's nothing inherently special about this collection of funny memes and fascinating photos, but they get the job done. What do you need out of a bunch of random images anyway? This grouping is perfectly well-equipped to provide you with equal parts amazement, amusement, and curiosity. 

Featured here are memes relating to Halloween, an inside picture of the United States Supreme Court, and some of the worst wedding photos you've ever seen. No really, that couple should be asking for more than a refund. How can you claim to be a wedding photographer and then do a worse job than my seven-year-old niece would manage with her iPhone? Seriously, what kind of camera was he using?

In other news, fall is here, and gorgeous photos of the northeastern United States always follow. Is there anything more beautiful than the countryside once the trees start changing color? Oh, and another cargo jet continued the concerning trend of planes popping wheelies while sitting at the gate. Can we please figure out how to store cargo correctly before something like this happens in the air?

So if you're interested in the sound of those, there are plenty more just like them in this completely adequate collection of random pics, memes, and tweets. 

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