11 Ridiculous Things Rich Folks Blew Their Money On

As a general rule, it’s not good to pocket watch. But if someone has found themselves in immense wealth and decides to use it to buy a giant credit card with the Joker on it, we, the impoverished, are allowed to ridicule them for their terrible tastes.

Recently, the TikTok account of an art gallery in the Netherlands, @cjsgallerynl, has gone viral for showcasing the gaudiest and tackiest modern art. It’s the art that only bIllionaire gaming Youtubers in their 20s and Andrew Tate would find appealing. Alongside examples of a huge gold revolver sculpture, there are countless other ways rich people and celebs waste their money.

We have McMansions which are atrocities to architecture and Erewhon, the supermarket for LA ballers who would be willing to shell out over $700 for a Thanksgiving feast for 8 people. On the more extreme end, one rapper surgically attached gold chains to his scalp to create a gold chain Wonka-esque bob.

This gallery is the stuff of a personal accountant’s nightmares. CPAs everywhere are waking up in a cold sweat at the thought of their client spending their money on old VHS tapes in hopes that they get big again like vinyl records.

Keep Pete Davidson’s accountant in your prayers and scroll down for other wastes of cold hard cash. 

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