12 Bad Boss Horror Stories in Honor of National 'Boss' Day'

It's national "Boss's Day," which means it's time to ignominiously honor one of the worst subsets of our society with some workplace horror stories. In this mini-collection of 12 stories, employees reveal what made them want to quit as soon as possible, from wage theft to poor time management to blatantly illegal practices. 

One theme in this collection is a lack of human care for employees. One waitress and part-time substitute teacher tells a story of coming in sick on the job, only to have her boss angry at her lack of effort. A different worker pushes through a bout of possibly life-threatening pneumonia, with nothing but a scolding. If I found out my waitress was suffering from pneumonia, not only would I be worried for her health, but I would be worried for my own too!

One construction worker complains about his new boss leaving all responsibilities to him as a supervisor, including forcing him to work through time off in the case of others missing shifts. He is told it is a "privilege" to get overtime hours. You know what's a privilege, Mr. Bad Boss? Spending time with my family, that's what. 

So take a minute to read through these 12 stories, and laugh at what is certainly not a national holiday. 

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