13 Biggest 'Oh No' Moments in Super Bowl History

The biggest game in American sports is coming, and families around the country are getting their grills, flatscreens, and beer coolers ready for Super Bowl Sunday. In what's set to be a great matchup between a defending champion and under-dog quarterback, the stage is set for a game that can live up to the moment. And while Usher is no Rihanna or Eminem and Dr. Dre, hearing "Yeah" blast over stadium speakers is going to be lit for sure. 

That is if everything goes to plan. Although all the people working as a part of this game are the best in the business at what they do, humans make mistakes, and things fail. So, in classic eBaum's World fashion, we've decided to assemble a short list of some of the biggest Super Bowl fails in recent memory. From the halftime show to the game itself, there are plenty of moments to choose from.

Perhaps the most obvious comes from Super Bowl 48 in 2013 when a spectacular Beyonce halftime show was quickly followed by a stadium blackout. In a game that had been dominated by the Ravens to that point, the 49ers were able to use the extra break and flip the script in the second half, although the Ravens still prevailed in the end. 

Let's hope things go smoother this weekend. 

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