18 Cheaters Who Got Caught and Paid the Price

Getting cheated on is one of the worst feelings you can experience, but confronting that cheater on their actions is one of the best. There's nothing better than giving someone who has wronged you their moment of comeuppance, and that's exactly what these 18 people did.

When one woman here discovered that her husband was having an affair, she went to her hairdresser to get some revenge. With help from the hairdresser, she tracked the other woman's extreme stylistic changes and repeatedly went back to her hairdresser to immediately copy the new styles. It wasn't long before the husband realized that every time his mistress changed her style, his wife quickly followed suit to the same. Thanks to the hairdresser, she was able to give him the "oh snap" moment he deserved before they filed for divorce. The hairdresser also made sure the other client never returned to her again. Now that's loyalty to a customer, and I think she deserves a big tip. 

One girlfriend took a more direct approach, and gifted her boyfriend printed out messages he'd exchanged with another girl for his birthday. Now that's cold. Through stories and photos, check out these 18 cheaters getting served exactly what they had coming to them. 

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