19 People Share Paranormal Experiences They Can't Explain With Logic

Picture this: 

You're 12 years old, and your parents are letting you stay home alone for the first time in your life while they go on a nice little weekend vacation. You're excited for the opportunity to run the house - do whatever you want for as long as you want to do it - with no authority to tell you otherwise. As nighttime rolls around however, the hairs on the back of your neck tell you that things might get a little creepier than you had originally bargained for.

Hours later in the middle of the night you bolt upwards from your bed, sure that you've just heard your father's voice at the bottom of the stairs. You stand up and hear it again, this time clearly, and calling your name - frantically. You run to the top of the stairs and catch a glimpse of his face as he walks from the bottom of the stairs towards the light of the kitchen... but he looks different somehow. You bolt down the stairs, but when you get to the kitchen, there's nobody there. The doors are all locked, there's no car in the driveway, and when your dad gets home a day later he tells you he never left your mother's side. But you know you didn't leave the kitchen light on either...

While this story never happened, plenty of people in this gallery had similar paranormal experiences that they just can't explain with normal logic. Prepare to be creeped out. 

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