18 Divorced People Share the Final Straw That Made Them Leave

Nobody ever thinks that their marriage is going to end in divorce, but unfortunately, almost half of them do. It's a reality that millions of people have to deal with, but the reasons behind each differ. These people decided to share the straw that broke the camel's back and convinced them to finally serve their significant other the dreaded papers. 

A common theme in this thread is people not feeling like they're an equal in their own relationship. No story here is that truer than for one woman, who for years planned an anniversary trip for her and her husband. Fed up that she was the one taking care of the kids, doing the housework, planning trips, and often packing for both of them on those trips, she told her husband that if they wanted to do something he was going to have to plan it himself. Eventually, the day came, and while the couple was standing in line at the supermarket, the husband turned and proclaimed, "We both forgot our anniversary." That was the moment all love was lost for good. 

Read about that story, and plenty more in this gallery of final straws that ended failing marriages. 

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