22 People Share the Worst Cheating Story They Ever Heard

There is nothing worse than being betrayed by the person you're supposed to trust the most. Unfortunately, cheating is still commonplace, and although statistics haven't come up with any exact figures, some research indicates that as many as 60% of long-term couples have dealt with infidelity at some point. Incredibly, over a quarter of those stay together. 

But like other crimes, not all cheating is created equal, and these 22 people took to Ask Reddit to share the worst cheating stories they've ever heard. From best friend betrayal to complicated family sabotage, here are a few tall tales that might make you think twice the next time your girlfriend gets extra excited about your guy's night out. 

One story involved a company executive, who was caught by the company's IT team after his numerous secretive email chains on company servers were flagged for inappropriate language. He and many of his cheating co-partners were married. Cheating is bad enough, but doing so on company servers is definitely a no-go; especially when you know those servers are monitored. Never think you can slip one over on the IT people. 

Read about that, and 21 other surprising stories about the worst case of infidelity people ever heard. 

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