19 Funny Work Memes to Laugh At Before You Clock Out

Congrats you survived this week and the first month of the year while still gainfully employed (hopefully). To celebrate this amazing achievement, we have gathered some funny work memes for you to enjoy before clocking out and starting your wild weekend plans.

The job market is abysmally dark currently. People are being laid off and the ones trying to get a job are fighting off robots with their resumes and cover letters. Then there are the people with jobs who have to witness their older coworkers fail to convert a document to PDF during a morning Zoom meeting. Everyone is tired and underpaid. But you know who has a solution to that? Online conservative talking head, Matt Walsh. He recently tweeted about how people think working 40 hours is a lot. To Walsh, having 5 to 6 hours of personal time is enough. But I guess it seems enough if your 40 working hours included recording a 10-minute YouTube video about how the liberals turned Blues Clues woke.

Before you start your 5 to 6-hour personal time away from work, scroll down and get some laughs at the boss’ expense.

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