25 People Share Their Home Town's Urban Legend

Many of us head back to our hometowns for Thanksgiving, but what does that really mean? Aside from the chaotic mess that is traveling on the year's busiest travel day, we get to romp around our old stomping grounds as adults, seeing everything anew from a fresh and older perspective. 

We might meet up with old childhood friends, head to the bar or another local meet-up spot, or even just chill with our parents - as stressful as that can be. But nothing really prepares you for the feeling of being back in your childhood small town - and the joy that you don't live there anymore. 

But while you're out with your high school buddies having a few brewskis at the Irish pub, what will you talk about? Relationships and sports I'm sure, but then what? Small towns like yours never change enough to become interesting, so you do what you always did growing up; speculate on your town's urban legend. Every small town has one, and in this gallery 25 people shared theirs. From ghosts to celebrities to beloved neighbors, I'm sure there's a story that everybody in your town knows. In honor of Thanksgiving at your parents' place, here are 25 small-town urban legends. 

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