20 Photos That Are Totally Weird

If you spend enough time on the internet, you'll come across plenty of photos. Some of those photos are cool, some of them are beautiful, and some of them are weird. "Cursed images" is a commonly used term to describe a certain kind of photo, but we don't think those are particularly pleasant to look at. Instead we collected these 20 "weird" photos that are like "cursed images" lite. Enough to give you a bit of an uneasy feeling, but without the grotesque imagery. 

One man posted a photo showing a notification that he and his fiance had received on their phones, saying that they were being tracked by an airtag. The image showed their movements for the day, and implied that somehow, someone was watching. It's a weird thing to see, and makes you wonder whether it's a glitch, an accident, or an actual attempt at following. That question was never answered. 

A different man shared a photo of a parked car outside his window at night, shining a red laser pointer through his window. After a time, a white van pulled up and gave the parked car a white paper bag. As the man wrote, "you can't make this up."

See those two images and more that are certifiably weird and creepy. 

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