21 Fantastic Fails and Funny Facepalms That Cracked Us Up

The best way to distract yourself from the world's abhorrent failures is by looking at some far less pressing ones. 

Unfortunately, the failures in the world today are very different from the ones in this gallery. Even these facepalms that deal with life and death matters are not doing so in the fast, devastating, and blatantly violent way the world is failing its people right now. Because fails, at least the ones we deal with regularly, can usually be framed in a way that's funny, or at least amusing in a dark way. Even if they're not, failure is something we as participants in society can relate to in some way. But what is going on right now is not funny, not amusing, and not something any average person could possibly relate to or understand. 

Therefore, in an attempt to divert legitimate feelings of existential dread away from those very real failures, this gallery is a collection of the more traditional fails, that at their very worst condemn people to death by capitalism, not by missile. 

So take a moment to let yourself get enraged by something different, and throw your face in your palm for a second. Here are 21 fails completely stooped in foolishness. 

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