21 Fascinating Photos From History

Everybody likes looking through a nice collection of fascinating photos, but these 21 cool snaps have the added benefit of bringing historical context with them. 

These history pics don't carry a cold hard fact with them, but rather a story and a feeling about the time and place they were taken. Think of it as a historical documentation of vibes. For example, one photo here shows a teenager at an Elvis Presley concert going wild much in the way modern concertgoers do. Elvis was one of the first artists that encouraged his fans to go all out in that way. Another concert photo shows Kurt Cobain stopping his set mid-song to help out an audience member being assaulted. 

Aside from celebrities, this gallery features a few more personal pictures, including one of a person's mother a few hours before her first date with the poster's eventual dad. As one commenter wrote, "She ATE HIM FOR DINNER that night." And that kids, is how this Redditor's dad met his mother. Check out those photos along with plenty more historical fascinating photos. 

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