21 Halloween Memes and Costumes to Get You Into the Spooky Mood

Happy Halloween eBaum’s World readers!

This year the internet creativity was on full display. What we all thought was gonna be a Halloween filled with Barbies, was quickly shifted to the French Bedbugs contaminating Paris (oui). And the Kens were replaced by dozens of Carmy’s from The Bear. From iconic bloody baseball scenes to the top memes of the year, this Halloween was definitely one for the chronically online.

We've gathered all the outrageous costumes around. From those who went the meme route, like the marginalized homeless ant, Kevin James with boobs, and that grandpa who ate paint, to those who chose a more cryptid display of creativity, including the Mexican alien that dominated the news a few weeks back,  or newsier, the ill-fated Titan submarine, we thank you.

There are so many top-notch costumes that it was hard to narrow down for this list. And we didn’t forget any of the memes that made us laugh throughout the holiday. Take a break between giving out candy and watching horror movies and get into some of these super online Halloween costumes.

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