38 Fresh Memes With Some Pics Mixed In

Having started your week with a flurry, you might want to take a step back and let your mind wander. Here are a bunch of unrelated memes and pics to help you out. 

If your boss gave you an incredibly detailed plan for this week's projects, maybe you want to stop thinking for the time being. After all, no matter what you do your boss is going to change his mind and decide that you have to do it all over because it's all wrong. If you want any chance of doing it right later, you need to give yourself a break right now, and cool pics are a good way to go. 

In this medium-sized grouping, we feature some of the weekend's best tweets along with awesome landscapes from around the world. New York City's Central Park skyline, San Fransisco's Golden Gate Bridge, amazing mountainous terrain, and spectacular Eastern architecture all feature. And don't forget a nostalgic collection of the cell phones you probably used in high school. Throw those in with a nice relatable meme and you have the formula to give yourself a break before it all starts over again tomorrow. Enjoy this random grouping of fascinating photos and amusing memes. 

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