21 Historical Photographs of People, Places, and Tech

When we think of history, we usually think of periods of time before we ourselves were alive. But seeing as many "modern" historical events were actually a pretty long time ago now, they're perfect specimens for photographic history

For any NASCAR fan, Dale Earnhardt's death feels like yesterday, but 1991 was 33 years ago. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s career has come and gone, and NASCAR has undergone safety overhauls to make sure nobody else suffers the same fate as "The Intimidator." Crashing was nothing out of the ordinary for Dale Sr. or any other NASCAR driver, and by the '90s the cars were miles safer than their predecessors. Despite the introduction of the HANS device, (head and neck safety), many drivers felt that things were safe enough, and wearing one wasn't worth the discomfort. Dale was one of them, and like many race car drivers, felt like he was immune to the risks of the sport. He was Dale Earnhardt after all. 

His crash, a relatively minor one from the outside for NASCAR standards, was just the wrong impact in the wrong way. And despite evidence of a faulty seat belt after investigation, it is highly likely a HANS device would have made all the difference. 

See a photo of that crash and much more in this gallery of 21 historical photographs of people, places, and tech. 

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