21 People Share Something Obvious That They've Only Just Realized

Sometimes we don't realize things until they're painted painfully obviously in front of our faces. And even then it can be tough. That's what happened to these 21 people, and they took to Ask Reddit to share their embarrassing stories with the world. 

Me personally, I inexplicably believed until quite recently that eggs you "hard boil" vs eggs you "scramble" were already different in the store. I thought the quick "spin" trick to differentiate the two happened before cooking, not after. The look I got when I asked my girlfriend if I should buy scrambled or hard-boiled eggs from the store is one I hope not to see again. 

But I'm not the only one who struggled with egg purchasing, and one person here admits to not knowing why people checked cartons at the store before buying. The person thought everyone was making sure "there were in fact eggs in the carton." It's a reasonable guess I suppose, but if egg companies were messing up that often I doubt they'd still be profitable. But eggs aren't the only thing people are learning about at more advanced ages than they should be, so check out this funny list of 20 more people and their recent discoveries. 

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