22 Clueless People Who Just Couldn't Get the Joke

It doesn't matter how tall you are; if you're obtuse a joke will still go right over your head. The 22 people in this gallery saw a joke and chose not to understand humor. Which is okay, some inside jokes are niche and hard to get; but these people definitely should have known better.

One way people miss jokes is by being so heavily committed to a person or idea that anything they see poking fun at it is automatically registered as a threat. Take the person defending the gym and fitness influencer Noel Deyzel here. It's quite obvious that Deyzel would not be scared of whoever is around him in the gym, as his defender dutifully points out. (That's one advantage of being roided out of your mind.) But the defender was also so quick to comment something obvious that he completely missed the joke, and wound up looking like the dumb one. 

Another overeager commenter tried to correct a meme's grammar and an old one at that. Following the "she protec, she attac" format, one Redditor couldn't accept that a meme of a wasp had some words misspelled. 

Like him, here are 21 other people who completely missed the joke. 

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