22 Dad Jokes and Groan-Worthy Puns to Wince Through The Week With

These might not be the punniest jokes ever, but they make you feel a certain kind of way. Dads use their humor to take the edge off in serious situations... or situations their wives and children think are serious. Are their jokes the best? Surely not, but there's something comforting about a little pun that can put you at ease.

These 22 puns and dad jokes are the best we could find this week, and cover topics from parenting to driving, to relationships. One dad complained that his wife told him there was a hole in the fence. Now he has to look into it. Do dads really have to fix everything? Another man claimed that his friend who worked for BMW had been let go. The thing is, there was no indication. If you've gone on any kind of long drive recently, that joke hits too close to reality. Seriously, why do all BMW drivers think that the rules don't apply to them? A third dad stated that his child was conceived in Chernobyl. Unsurprisingly, they now have a very nuclear family. 

If jokes like those appeal to you, consider checking out this collection of cringey puns. If you don't, just like that horse who walked into a bar, I'll have a long face. 

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