20 Punny Dad Jokes to Make the Whole Family Cringe

If you're feeling funny, one of these jokes is the perfect ammunition to send your wife over the edge. 

Dads have a reputation for being funny, and it's a responsibility they work very hard to uphold, no matter the situation. In fact, pulling out a neat little wise crack actually works best when a wife or child are nearing their breaking point. What better way to remind them to look on the bright side of life than with a neat little joke? It's too bad they usually don't appreciate it in the moment, but that humor is what keeps dads going long term. These 20 dad jokes cover classic topics from numbers to animals to geography, and are perfect for getting a cringe out of even the most hardened in-laws. 

Having fun with your children is important, but if you get caught playing with your son's train set, it is best to cover your tracks. Jokes like that keep your house going; just remember to pay your electric bill too, otherwise there might be some dark times in your future. Thanksgiving isn't far away, so why not take a look at these 20 punny dad jokes to make the whole family cringe?

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