The 23 Best Dad Jokes of the Week (October 11, 2023)

There's something about becoming a dad that turns every man into a joke-making machine. Maybe once they've made a baby, they feel more confident making puns too. But whatever the reason, dads are definitely the undisputed kings of dumb jokes. 

A good dad is always equipped with a joke for any situation on standby and will fire off a zinger no matter how annoying their wives or daughters already think they are. Now that's commitment to the bit.

During the holiday season, just ask how Darth Vader knows what Luke got for Christmas. The answer? He felt his presents. If it's Halloween, just ask why skeletons are so calm. (Nothing gets under their skin.) If it's party time, know that your mushroom of a dad is also fun-guy, and if the party's crowded, that there isn't mush-room. The jokes are endless, and like the dads that tell them, want nothing more than to make the people who hear them happy. Even if the puns aren't actually very funny, (or punny).

So check out this awesome gallery of dad jokes sure to make you groan. But how can you tell if a joke is a dad joke? It should be apparent.

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