21 History Memes to Man the Trenches

If you're looking for some educational funnies, try these history memes on for size. 

It's no secret that the conditions inside trenches during World War I were less than ideal. But as one meme here depicts, even the enemy forces capturing those trenches were often appalled at the conditions their foes were forced to live in. Rats, diseases and famine were almost just as big a risk to soldiers on the Western Front as the shockingly high-casualty warfare they were forced to endure. German trenches on the other hand were deeper and more sophisticated, with drainage systems, defense turrets, and concrete reinforcements often included. Still, trench warfare on either side was about as low a form of existence as humanity has ever endured.  

Speaking of costly tactics, the Persian army decided to use live cats as a weapon against the Egyptians, knowing the deity role our favorite pet played in their society. As a result, the Egyptians were hesitant to engage enemy soldiers with painted, and possibly real cats on their shields. The tactic led to a Persian victory. As one meme in this gallery says, "Ancient problems require ancient solutions." Check out those memes, and 19 more in this gallery of funny history memes. 

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