22 Instant Rejection-Worthy Fails Seen on Dating Apps

Making a good profile on a dating app can be hard, but making one better than these losers isn't. Even if you're someone without much going for you at the moment, conducting yourself like a normal human being should be common sense. But judging by these people, unfortunately, it isn't.

They say the dating world is tough right now, and if these profiles are anything to go by that would be an understatement. However, we can use them to learn a little bit and create a bit of a do's and don'ts list. 

For starters, if you're a single man, it is probably best to stay away from the long bullet-pointed list. Nothing good happens when you start spitballing preferences in a long description, especially when those preferences have only ever been said out loud to your friend Jeff whom you met at the pub that one time. It would also be a good idea to ask yourself if your tone can be perceived as threatening. Nobody wants to go out with someone who already sounds angry; especially if that someone might also have unknown violent tendencies. As for do's, I'd say just being normal is a start. 

So if you feel hopelessly single, fear not. At least you're not one of these people. 

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