22 People Share The Craziest Declassified CIA Documents

There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the CIA and their questionable activities, but that's because the agency responsible for international intelligence has done quite a bit of shady stuff! Over time they have declassified plenty of documents, and thanks to Ask Reddit, we can take a look at what 22 people think are the craziest documents we have access to. 

The Acoustic Kitty was a cold war project designed to gain intelligence agains the Soviet Union. In an age when the two countries did whatever they could to spy on one another, the CIA dared to ask the question, "who doesn't trust a cat?" The idea was to install spying technology into a real cat, and set it loose around the Soviet Embassy. The plan never went ahead, and that's probably a good thing seeing as no cat has ever done what its owner wanted. 

The "simple sabotage field menu" is a famous document explaining how to bring down a bureaucracy from the inside. The problem is that it reads exactly like the operations of everyone's dysfunctional workplace. Maybe bureaucracy is just bringing itself up on the inside. Check out those, and plenty more crazy declassified CIA documents. 

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