31 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Do you really know what's going into your mouth? These 31 people have a better idea than the rest of us, and they shared their secrets that the food industry doesn't want you to know. 

For example, when you see that a product has "natural flavoring" on its ingredients list, what do you think that means? If you are like me, then you naively assume that the product in question gets its flavor directly from natural sources like fresh fruit juice, or perhaps cane sugar at the very worst. Unfortunately, what it really means is that it comes from a big tub of glycerine, with highly concentrated flavors. According to one entry in this gallery, it can even be flammable. I'm scared to learn where non-natural flavoring comes from. 

Also, have you ever wondered why restaurant food always tastes just a bit better than whatever you've managed to make at home, no matter how precisely you followed the recipe? The answer is that the restaurant has loaded theirs with a maximum amount of fat, salt, and butter, maybe even two to three times more than what you might use at home; it has much less to do with cheffing talent than you might think. Your local restaurant's cooks are probably just high schoolers anyway. 

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