23 Cars You Wouldn't Want to Have a Fender Bender With

Feel free to mod your car all you like, but when those mods become a safety issue for everybody else, we have a problem. These 23 car owners decided to put their own touches on their rides' appearance, specifically in the bumper department. Except instead of a cool body kit, they turned their cars, trucks, and heeps into certified weapons. Here are 23 vehicles I would not want to find on the other end of a fender bender. 

As vehicles in America get larger and larger, so do the dangers they represent in accidents. It's a positive feedback loop that prompts people to buy bigger and bigger cars and trucks for their own safety, thereby putting others in more danger. That is unless you're a total selfish jagweed with something to prove, who has decided to go on the offensive by making sure that your car is as dangerous as possible to everybody else on the road. How else are you supposed to be the coolest guy in the impending zombie apocalypse? 

Whether with wood, spikes, or jagged metal, these four-wheeled hazardous hoopties should be off the road ASAP, or at the very least, like their lifted truck cousins, forced to return to their stock, and much safer states. 

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