23 Gaming Memes Fresher Than 'Spider-Man 2'

Marvel's new Spider-Man game has been released to critical acclaim and meme fame. Here are some of those, along with other gaming memes to whet your appetite. 

There's something about the second installment to a Spider-Man franchise that hits the sweet spot, and like the 2004 cult classic movie, people can't get enough of Marvel's new Spider-Man 2. Like any new and popular game, the internet has had its fun with meme creation, mostly regarding its New York setting, and the struggle to acquire a PlayStation to play it. 

To get you in the mood for gaming in general, we've included plenty of other non-web-swinging related memes. These touch on everything from the infamous "one more game," to the awful game price tags these days.

Seriously, if waiting years doesn't even mean the price of the game goes down, what's the point in buying it at all? And don't tell me that inflation means the game is cheaper than it used to be. I'm not dropping more than $60 for anything. But that's gaming these days; all about the money, not the experience. At least Spider-Man 2 is complete at launch. That's not even a guarantee these days.

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