23 History Memes That Survived the Titanic's Sinking

If you consider yourself a buff, then you'll love these historically factual memes. They might not give you the same level of detail as a history textbook, but they're much more fun and a lot easier to consume.

The majority of these memes deal in events that pre-date the 20th century, and as a result, their information had to survive the sinking of the Titanic to get here. Fortunately, they must have taken the form of upper-class women and children, because they're here for us to have a laugh at today. For example, one meme takes things all the way back to caveman times, alluding to our amazing stamina when it comes to long-distance running. We might not have been able to out-duel many animals on the food chain, but we sure as heck could run them into exhaustion before taking them out with a pointy stick. 

As for memes post-1920s, those mostly deal with the Second World War. What is it with history buffs and that specific conflict? Anyhow, perhaps my favorite meme in this gallery shows soviet Russia deciding what to do with liberated formerly German-controlled territory; "Why not keep it?" If those sound funny, check them out along with 21 other historical memes that survived the sinking of the Titanic. 

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