24 Christmas Randoms to Unbox Under the Tree

Santa's not real, which now that you're an adult unfortunately means you won't be getting any of your dream gifts this year. But not to worry, because we've assembled these 24 Christmas randoms that are better than anything you would have unwrapped from under the tree. 

Christmas mostly causes the general public to wish for snow and therefore helps shine a spotlight on global warming. There just so happens to be a song called "White Christmas," and it, along with every bit of Christmas media has normalized wanting your December 24th to come as puffy flakes coat your front yard. The only problem is, I bet that wherever you are, your Christmas is decidedly not white. "Just like the ones I used to know" is an important line in the song, and while I'm sure you remember plenty of lovely white Christmases from your past, climate change is putting an end to that. The Ghost of Christmas Future reports nothing but grey and 33-degree skies. 

If you're sad about the lack of snow this year, you can scroll through this light dusting of Christmas randoms instead. They're not quite as pretty, but hopefully, they'll put you in the spirit of comfort and joy. 

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